by Rick Chafe (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Commission funds provided by the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation (Edmonton, Alberta)
Website: http://www.cctc.ualberta.ca/
1 Woman 1 Man

Drama. A young couple find themselves confronted by the most important decision of their lives on the way down. A boy, a girl, and what happens when the doors open.

Dear Mr. Keith

by Rob Maclean and Melissa Mullen (Prince Edward Island)
Commission funds provided by Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (Sackville, New Brunswick)
Website: http://www.playwrightsatlantic.ca/
2 Women 1 Man

A comedy/drama. A man from PEI comes out the Alberta to work in the oil patch. He is about to take a young women he met in a bar up to his room for ‘a-beer’ - when he is surprised to be confronted by his wife who has come out to Alberta to share some big news. He has some explaining to do and some decisions to make.

First Father

by Brad Fraser (Toronto, Ontario)
Commission funds provided by Shadow Theatre (Edmonton, Alberta)
Website: http://www.shadowtheatre.org/
2 Men

Drama. Sometimes that stranger on an elevator has a closer connection to you than might be imagined. Two half brothers come upon each other by chance on the eve of their father’s death. They quickly discover that the man they know, is not who they think.

The Righteous Woman

by Ken Williams (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Commission funds provided by Persephone Theatre (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Website: http://www.persephonetheatre.org/
1 Woman 2 Men

Drama. If you were a vengeful God in the 21st century, The Righteous Woman is the kind of story you'd want in your Old Testament. A tale of billion dollar deals, high stakes maneuvers, broken promises and strange family relations. A man is confronted by a prostitute he believes he has never seen before — or has he?

Trajet Dit

by Donia Mounsef (Edmonton, Alberta)
Commission funds provided by L’UniThéâtre (Edmonton, Alberta)
Website: http://www.lunitheatre.ca/
1 Woman 2 Men

French Language. A whimsical height­-specific murder-mystery about love, loss, and what happens when the doors open. A father mourning the loss of his young son is confronted with the value of life when he hires not one but two contract killers to end his misery.

Closed for Urgent & Extraordinary Work

by Alexandra Haber (Montreal, Quebec)
Commission funds provided by Imago Theatre (Montreal, Quebec)
Website: http://imagotheatre.ca/
2 Women

A whimsical drama in which two women meet in an elevator at 3AM. It is the witching hour, a time when anything can happen. We discover that they are not strangers but two versions of the same woman living entirely different but parallellives.

Earworm Duet

by Megan Coles (St. John’s Newfoundland)
Commission funds provided by Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland (St. John’s Newfoundland)
Website: http://www.artisticfraud.com/Artistic_Fraud/Home.html
1 Woman 2 Men

Comedy/Drama. She can't get married. He needs a body. Dude in the corner is oblivious. There are way worse people leading way better lives. This they know for sure. Facebook told them. Three strangers find hope in an elevator.

Rite of Passage

by Jorde Mande (Toronto, Ontario)
Commission funds provided by Nightswmimming (Toronto, Ontario)
Website: http://nightswimmingtheatre.com/
1 Woman 1 Man

Drama.A couple is drawn closer together when they lose what they most wanted over the course of their elevator ride to their doctor’s office.


by Greg MacArthur (Montreal, Quebec)
Commission funds provided by Workshop West Theatre (Edmonton, Alberta)
Website: http://www.workshopwest.org/
2 Actors + 1 cello player(Cello can be recorded music, preferred cast 2 Men)

A pitch black comedy/ interactive drama in which the audience is loaded onto an elevator by two men in hazmat suites only to discover that they (the audience) are being exported to a mysterious location as livestock.

The Tip of Things

by Catherine Banks (Sambro, Nova Scotia)
Commission funds provided by Mulgrave Road Theatre (Guysborough, Nova Scotia)
Website: http://mulgraveroad.ca/
2 Women

A poetic drama. We have all left things we love behind in hotel rooms. There is a window of time in which you might get them back. A new mother has reached her crisis point. After the hotel maid has cleaned her room she has one last chance to change her fate.
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